• Concrete Window Sills - Carroll's Building Materials (St ...

    Jun 26, 2012· well i am replacing a few concrete window sills for a friend which have cracked and crumbled. when i have cleaned off the old cement should i cement some sort of DPC down before bedding the new sill?

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  • Remove and replace external concrete window sill | DIY ...

    Mar 21, 2014· Hi, I have a concrete window sills which have some weathering damage on top. At one spot there is a circa 10cm by 6cm section where the concrete is crumbling away to depth of maybe 1cm in the middle of the area.

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  • Precast Concrete Window Sills | Wide Range of Styles - KPC

    Jul 14, 2007· Resurface stained or cracked concrete window sills with new concrete. Use a paintbrush to apply concrete bonding agent to the entire window sill. Apply a 3/8-inch-thick layer of concrete all over the sill with a trowel, following any contours to mimic its original shape.

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  • How to repair a concrete window sill - ehow.co.uk

    Apr 18, 2010· I got a quote to replace the brick sill with concrete sill for 8 windows with a total of 28.3 linear feet, $1500. That is close to the $200 per window.

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  • Window Sills - Precast Concrete Window Sills - Killeshal

    Window sills are designed to divert water away from the house and as a result they get a battering from the weather, over time wooden sills can rot and concrete window sills can develop cracks. Cracks in concrete window sills can be caused by the freezing and thawing of water seeping into tiny holes ...

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  • Patching Rotted Window Sills - Extreme How To

    I drew the concrete sill too and could then work out how it would all fit together and how far in to set the concrete sills. I wasn't sure of the correct way to fit a dpc to the sills. Most people don't fit concrete window sills, so I found it hard to get much info.

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  • concrete window sill - HomeOwners' Hub

    A rotten, cracked or uneven sill can simply let rainwater drain into your window frame or brickwork, meaning stained wallpaper, mould or damaged plaster, making window sill repair and maintenance extremely important. All of these can mean ongoing problems and expensive repair jobs.

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  • How should I fix my basement window sills? | Shop Your Way ...

    For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 6 sills, the cost to Install a Window Sill starts at $57.16 - $89.65 per sill. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, size options.

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  • External window sill replacement (concrete) | DIYnot Forums

    Jan 14, 2012· This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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  • How to repair a crubling window sill made from cement i ...

    Nov 15, 2016· Repairing concrete window sills Check sills for cracks and crumbling. The experts agree that unless the concrete has fallen off, to the degree whereby the inner steel support is visible, repairs are always possible.

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  • How to Repair Sandstone Window Sills | Home Guides | SF Gate

    3 Clean Limestone Window Sills 4 Install an Exterior Sill If sills are sandstone, the stone tends to deteriorate with age, exposure to rain, snow and freeze-and-thaw cycles.

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  • Fitting concrete window sills - DIY Home Extension

    The main purpose of the window sills on your home are to drain water away from the masonry work below the window sills. When the rain water runs down your window and on to the slope of the window sill, the window sill moves the water away from the face of the brick under the window.

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  • JUST ASK BOB! On Window Sills (Part 1) Dec/11 - YouTube

    We have basement windows that are cut out of the cement block foundation wall below the house sill. A previous owner replaced one of the windows with a modern vinyl window but didn't prevent water seeping into the original wooden rough opening and sill.

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  • How to Replace a Windowsill | how-tos | DIY

    May 28, 2007· You can get resin base concrete repair, but it depends on what type of repair. Is it re enforced concrete and it the rusting of the steel, blowing the concrete off. Then no repair …

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  • cost of windowsill replacement with concrete ...

    Often times, replacement requires having a custom and costly window fabricated to match the style, look and dimensions of the existing old windows. Other circumstances where repairing may be an option is on higher-end homes with large expensive units, bay windows or multiple mulled windows.

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  • DIY – Concrete Windowsills | Custom Built by YOU!

    Feb 28, 2008· As it is the sill, not the lintel, at least it isn't likely to lead to any major structural problems. Like large chunks of wall falling out. It sounds like the steel has corroded, forcing off the concrete …

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  • Repair concrete window sills - boards.ie

    Mar 29, 2015· For the cement patch, stone and concrete restoration specialist Keith Harris uses a straight edge to smooth the patch so that it matches the shape of the sill.

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  • Stucco Window Sills – Decoramould Exterior Trim

    Concrete window sills are more common on older homes than newer ones. Many of these homes are historical and their owners work hard to keep them in good conditi

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  • How do you repair a concrete window sill that's breaking ...

    Resurface stained or cracked concrete window sills with new concrete. Use a paintbrush to apply concrete bonding agent to the entire window sill. Apply a 3/8-inch-thick layer of concrete all over the sill with a trowel, following any contours to mimic its original shape.

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  • Replacing Leaky Rotted Basement Windows – Part 1 of 3

    With the cold weather fast approaching in the Northeast U.S., I decided to finally replace my leaky basement windows. I found a basic how-to video at This Old House, but it did not contain any information about a concrete sill that was that built up right up against a basement window so I am going to share what I learned from that project.

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  • Window Sill Repair Advice | Rated People Blog

    Aug 20, 2008· casting a concrete window sill. Discussion in 'Misc DIY' started by Housemartin, Aug 20, 2008. Housemartin Guest. I have a bay window to repair with sash windows and unusually no stone sub sill (see link below) instead their is a wood sill, which has …

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  • How to install a window sill | HowToSpecialist - How to ...

    Architectural precast concrete window sills (or by the alternative spelling, "cills") and reconstituted cast stone sills form the lowest horizontal part of window openings and perform both structural and aesthetic functions.

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  • Cracked concrete window sill - Google Groups

    Mar 09, 2011· Resurface stained or cracked concrete window sills with new concrete. Use a paintbrush to apply concrete bonding agent to the entire window sill. Apply a 3/8-inch-thick layer of concrete all over the sill with a trowel, following any contours to mimic its original shape.

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  • how to repair concrete window sills? | Yahoo Answers

    Concrete Sills will save you time and money while providing a excellent finished project. We offer a large range of sizes, and two profiles common to the Tampa Bay area, Wind Face and Flush. We ship Lintels, Sill, Concrete Block, Stucco, Sand, Mortar, Rebar and Cement – six days a week.

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  • Cement Patching and Sill Restoration | DIY

    I converted a kitchen door + window into a large kitchen window by bricking up the doorway and shuttering and pouring cement to extend the concrete window sill. It worked perfectly well. In my situation, the brickwork was rendered, pebbledashed and painted to match the rest of the back wall and the sill was painted to match the others so I didn ...

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  • casting a concrete window sill. | DIY Forums

    Precast concrete and reconstituted stone window sills (or to use the alternative spelling, "cills"), form the lowest horizontal part of window openings and perform both structural and aesthetic functions.

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  • Window sill repair guide | Unicorn Windows

    Stucco Window Sills. Our Stucco Window Sills are engineered in various sizes and shapes to architecturally enhance your home's curb appeal. Sills are engineered with a sloping top, which forces water to run off instead of pooling on the sill, where it can cause possible water damage to your home.

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  • I need to repair a crumbled concrete window sill (external ...

    To repair the window, build a new framing member with a notch cut out for the top; secure it in place with a few nails (Image 1). Cut a new cedar sill with 2 x 6 cedar notched corners to fit in the rough opening and nail it in place (Image 2).

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  • Best Material To Patch Crack In Exterior Concrete Window ...

    Mar 29, 2014· I have an exterior concrete window sill that has a crack in it that I want to patch (pic attached). What would be an appropriate material to fill it with? I have on hand a tube of Big Stretch caulk, and a tub of DAP Bondex ready-mixed concrete patch.

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  • Window Sills - Canadian Masonry Services

    Replace a Wooden Sill Your window sill is the bottom portion of your window, running horizontally within the jamb, resting against the outside of the window sash. Wooden sills have a tough time standing up to the elements year in and year out.

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  • How to Repair a Concrete Window Sill | Hunker

    Sep 21, 2009· Hi, I have a two part concrete window sill which has blown (internal metal bars have rusted). Can I remove this and replace with similar while the window is still in situ or should I take the window out first (the widow is a UPVC double glazed unit measuring 190cm wide by 150cm high).

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  • How to Repair Brick Mortar Sills | Hunker

    Feb 17, 2007· A few years ago on my 15 year old concrete block house, one of my exterior window sills started cracking severely and eventually started falling off in large chunks.

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  • Replace a Wooden Sill - Lowe's

    Repairing the mortared brickwork of a window sill can be challenging due in part to the need to find suitable replacement brick. Once the correct brick is found, …

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  • Cost to Install a Window Sill - Homewyse

    Allow it to dry and then coat with 1 water 1 Unibond mix allow to become tacky and render with rendering sand and cement at 3 sand 1 cement. Lightly rub over the cement in a circular motion surface with a block of 1" x 2" x 3" long smooth/planned batten and this tightens the cement closing all air pockets.

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  • Repair or Replace Concrete Window Cill / Sill | Screwfix ...

    Mar 12, 2012· Id cut out all the existing cill and replace with a new one, you should be able to get one near enough to fit, or get next size up and cut to size.

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  • Replacement of window sill on block exterior wall | Kurt's ...

    This article is about how to install a window sill, in order to add style and character to your house.Generally speaking, there are may types of window sills: sills made of wood, typical for American houses, granite sills for homes with a classical design or PVC sills, which have gained market share, due to their low price and long-term durability.

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  • How to Repair a Concrete Window Sill | House - Fixin ...

    Sep 24, 2012· So, for instance our window sills were 7" wide x 58" long x 1.5" deep, which equals 609 cubic inches….roughly a third of a cubic foot. We used 2 cans of lava rock for the aggregate, 2 cans of sand, 1 can of grey Portland cement and 1 can of water….poured in a little at a time.

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